Patrick Courtney purchased 16 Old Nursery Lane in Chilmark from Robert S. Skydell for $1,000,000 on May 24.

Jacqueline Meyer purchased 12 Valley Lane in Chilmark from Barbara Coles Oberfest, trustee of Lot 17 Nominee Trust, for $651,000 on May 25.


Andrea Shaw-Barmakian and Michael Shaw purchased 7 Baylies Way in Edgartown from Eric L. Peters, trustee of Dayton Nominee Trust, for $360,800 on May 21.

Mariza Oliveira and Phillip Reellan Paim Oliveira purchased 10 Fourteenth street in Edgartown from Amy J. Hahn for $18,000 on May 21.

MV Land and Sea Inc. purchased 9 Pradas Way in Edgartown from Paul Porter for $599,000 on May 25.

Oak Bluffs

Robert and Nancy Hollister, trustees of Robert & Nancy Hollister Living Trust, purchased 55 Ocean avenue in Oak Bluffs from Watertower Enterprises LLC for $2,200,000 on May 21.

Dallas Coggins-Tuttle and Anna Coggins purchased 287 County Road in Oak Bluffs from Alfred E. McCooey Jr. and Marie A. McCooey, trustees of The AMM Real Estate Trust, for $590,000 on May 21.

Vineyard Haven

Peter A. McGrath and Kyra G. McGrath purchased 50 Greenwood avenue in Vineyard Haven from Catherine A. Kinney for $1,289,500 on May 21.

Khanh Tran and Quynh Thao Tran purchased 12 Main street in Vineyard Haven from Robert O. Weiner and Sherryl L. Schrader, frequently known as Sherryl S. Weiner, trustees of the B&W Realty Trust, for $1,150,000 on May 22.

Ronald W. Koontz Jr. and Sharon Koontz purchased 34 Proprietors Way in Vineyard Haven from Kenneth Bailey for $940,000 on May 25.

Walkiria Correa and Vitor Rangel Pina purchased 177 Dunham avenue in Vineyard Haven from Pamela W. Barter, trustee of 177 Dunham Avenue Realty Trust, for $657,000 on May 25.

Sara Belcher-Barnes and Dena Barnes purchased 28 Red Buoy Lane in Vineyard Haven from Catherine V. Lowther, trustee of The Catherine V. Lowther Living Trust, for $550,000 on May 25.