If you drew a line around my house in Newton copying the perimeter of Martha’s Vineyard, you’d encompass about 40 farmers markets. I’ve been to many of them, and can tell you with certainty that (while they have some strengths), none of them can touch the culinary artisanship of the one in West Tisbury. Literally I have never had better jam, chocolates, pea shoots, lasses, soft cheese, specialty cheeses, sausage, raisin bread, zucchini bread, popovers, egg rolls, mushrooms and if I’m really, really lucky, sungold tomatoes, than yours produces.

Also, orange juice. I mean, how hard is it to squeeze oranges into a cup, and yet no other farmers market includes a booth where they’ve mastered the art.

I know how everyone works to make this look easy, so please pass along my appreciation to all the vendors at the market for making the experience and the outcome so enjoyable week after week.

Al Lewis