I have a big area in which I plant odds and ends hoping to move them elsewhere in a more pleasing fashion.

During Tuesday’s rain, I dug up several. Granted, they had been sorely neglected over the summer but it was down right remarkable that there was any life in them. The soil was literally powder. I know some of you think we have had rain of late but, honestly, not a drop could have fallen on these poor plants.

Now is the time to soak all your favorite trees, shrubs and perennials. I read in an old garden book, The Gardener’s Bed Book, that “it is an abhorrence for the earth to freeze dry.”

Any day now, we may have to talk first frost. Perish the thought — I have so much to do before that happens.

Just this week I began thinking about hauling house plants into the greenhouse. It does freeze in there but it gives the plants some time to adjust. It never works out when they are brought inside after the heat is turned on. I like to save geraniums and begonias. They are so cheerful blooming in the dead of winter and we’ll manage several years in and out!

I love a product called Boboli bread. It makes a fine pizza crust. However, like all of my favorites, I can no longer find it. I swear I’m going to stop liking anything since I seem to be a curse.

At any rate, I had some homemade tomato sauce just dying to complete a pizza. I rarely make bread in the summer/early fall, but I whipped together a crust using Island-grown Red Fife wheat. It was ridiculously simple — flour, salt, water and olive oil. It probably took less time than complaining about Boboli bread.

Often, I find a tiny pepper growing inside a large ripe one. I call them fetal. This week, I found one fully formed with seeds of its own.

Across from Cumberland Farms, there is a house/business (it used to be a dentist office?). Flowers are coming through the white picket fence — just lovely.

Since some of the customers have left for the season, I suppose I could begin the fall clean-up. I cannot bear to cut back anything that is continuing to bloom. The bees, birds and butterflies need all the help they can get.

My sugar maple has a single branch sporting its fall color. The heptacodium is in full bloom and attracting all sorts of bees. It is a wonderful ornamental tree for the fall landscape. The white flowers will soon turn pink. Then for winter interest, the bark exfoliates.

I didn’t want to comment this week on the Brett Kavanaugh situation but honestly, I can’t help myself.

For starters, when middle-aged men reveal that they were sexually abused by coaches, teachers or priests, everyone believes them. But women, conversely, are told they probably remember it wrong or should have reported it at the time?

In Kavanaugh’s defense, I am so thankful that my high school and/or college behavior has not come back to haunt me. A simple “I was drinking, do not remember and am so sorry” would have stopped all this brouhaha.

Please do not think I support him in any way even before all this.