Two day trippers were passing my house on bikes last week. It was 10:30 a.m., the time this turkey whisperer puts out their breakfast. Twenty-three eager Turks came lopping across the road and through the vacant lot. The woman biker yelled, “Look! Turkeys!” The man biker responded, “That must be a turkey farm!” And so, I suppose it is.

Some corrections a long time coming: Justin Smith and his fiancee, Brenda Amaral, had that gorgeous little baby in Texas. The other lady I mentioned is Justin’s mom, grandmother to the new little star. And my first third grader, John Franzago, lives in Mashpee, not Mattapoisett. Thank you, gentle readers, for setting me straight.

This is my favorite season and here is another reason: our Vineyard Haven public library will be open at noon on Sundays beginning Oct. 14. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, the most important direction to know is the way to the library.

Father Nagle announces the Blessing of the Animals in honor of St. Francis will be at noon on Sunday, Oct. 7 in the parking lot of St. Augustine’s. I have two recovering dogs and one hyperactive cat to bring this year. No snake, no hedgehog this year, Father. I shall never forget the time Father blessed them in Oak Bluffs. He showed up on his motorcycle, went into the building to change into his beautiful green vestments, came out with a large pot of holy water for the blessing. One of the dogs came over and began lapping up the holy water. Extra blessings!

On Sunday, Oct. 14, please join us at St. Augustine’s at 1:15 p.m. to register for the annual Crop Walk at 2 p.m. This is our 28th year. This year’s walk is in memory of Alden Besse and in honor of Betty Burton. The Island Food Pantry and the Vineyard Committee on Hunger gets 25 per cent of the funds raised. The rest goes to alleviate hunger worldwide. The six-mile walk goes from St. Augustine’s to the Trinity Methodist church in the Camp Grounds. There will be a break for snacks, beverages and rest. You may stop here or join us for the return hike to St. Augustine’s. Call or write to Woody Bowman for more information at 508 693.7240 or Get out your walking shoes. I’ll see you there.

What will we do without Holly Nadler? Holly and her faithful companion, Huxley, have jetted off to visit Holly’s mom in California. I am sure Holly will connect with sister Cynthia, too. Cynthia is living and working in Eureka. This is a bittersweet time for Holly’s many faithful readers. I can bet she will keep us informed with her deathless prose. She will be writing from her father’s desk, always a great source of inspiration.

Speaking of writers, I was disappointed to miss Eric Jay Dolin’s talk at the Oak Bluffs library last Saturday. But when I felt better, I hurried to our Bunch of Grapes to purchase a signed copy of his book, Black Flags, Blue Water. I must thank Dawn Braasch for believing in books. And her working staff there are just the kindest and most informative people. Libraries and bookstores are my refuge.

Billy Maciel celebrated his birthday with a delightful party in his honor Wednesday night at my home. His lovely sister Sherry was able to visit along with his loyal friends.Wishing you the best in your new year, Billy!

Peter Wuerth has been on vacation here from his home in Connecticut. He celebrated his birthday last night with friends and fans at Sharky’s in Edgartown. In honor of his birthday, the Patriots won the game. Gifts don’t get better than that!

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Greg Packish who died this week. Greg had a great many friends. They are writing the nicest memories about him.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Sarah Menchu on Sept. 30. Sarah Codding and Billy Maciel celebrated on Oct. 3. And on St.Francis Day, Oct. 4, Tina Turner and Peter Wuerth took the cake. Many happy returns.

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