The leaves are falling, the colors are changing and it is getting cooler. We are still waiting for that one bad frost to really let us know that winter is almost here. But in the meantime, I will take the 50 or so degrees we have been having.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Jesse Reed who celebrated his day Nov. 2; Zoe Tucker, Nov. 4; Emma Braillard and Jamison DeMello, Nov. 5; Hannah McCormick, Nov. 7; Michael Leahy, Nov. 8; and to Sienna Crowell, Evan Donnelly and Demyen Heil who all celebrate their day on Nov. 9.

We are slowly putting the plants to bed for the winter. But today the announcement came to prove Dec. 25 is coming faster than you think. We were told that, on Tuesday and Wednesday, we get the greens and poinsettias! Next week — and reality — are coming fast. Then the week after, the trees will be coming in.

Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard is inviting all artisans, candlestick makers, knitters and bakers to contribute to our Handmade from the Heart fundraiser, to be held on Saturday, Dec. 8. We are seeking any unique handmade items, including jewelry, knitted items, paintings, pottery, photographs, Christmas ornaments, baked goods and more.

Please call 508-693-0189 if you have items you wish to donate. All proceeds from the sale of the items will go directly to the care of our patients and their families. Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard is a completely community supported program.

Veterans Day is Monday. This is the time of year we are more sensitive to their absence from our families. People all deal with this in their own way, but I do hope that we, in some corner of our mind, remember if it were not for these men and women we would not be free to celebrate our holidays to our beliefs.

It has been a quiet week. If you have some news or activities you would like to share please e-mail me or call and leave a message.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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