The Edgartown courthouse was cleared of asbestos Monday, but the building remains without heat, with colder temperatures expected later this week.

Dukes County manager Martina Thornton said the heating system has been down since late October because of a broken furnace in the boiler room. She said repairs were halted last week when asbestos was found in the crawlspace.

“We couldn’t get the chimney fixed without first getting the asbestos covered pipe out,” Ms., Thornton said.

The courthouse was closed last Thursday due to the asbestos discovery. It was reopened Friday when the asbestos company gave assurances that the contamination was contained to the boiler room.

Last Wednesday, county commissioners in a special meeting approved transferring $25,000 for the asbestos removal and heating system repairs. Ms. Thornton said she plans to request more money at a meeting of the commission Wednesday because of the extent of the issues with the aging chimney.

“The $25,000 is not going to cover the asbestos, chimney relining and new circulation pump,” she said. “It’s a work in progress. With old buildings there is always something.”

Ms. Thornton said she had contacted an off-Island contractor to repair the heating this week, but no timetable is yet available on when they will finish. She said the county has a state contract for renting a boiler in case repairs are delayed.

“If it looks like it’s going to take longer and isn’t going to be a quick fix, we can bring it in,” she said.