Chief McNamee, we’ve not had the opportunity to meet, but I want to introduce myself and thank you and your department for their assistance and impressive police work.

I’ve lived on Mercier Way for 50 years and can only think of a few situations as disturbing as the one the occurred this week. On Sunday, Nov. 25, my property was broken into and several items stolen. As you can imagine, this is not only unfortunate but very disturbing.

I must commend the work of Jonathan Searle, Mike Snowden and Dayce Moore. Their professionalism, experience and confidence were most appreciative and reassuring during this period. Their use of technology, market knowledge, confidence and strong interpersonal skills were impressive and reassuring. They kept me informed while hundreds of miles away, greeted me when I arrived and kept me up to date along the way. Moreover, they resolved the situation and recovered the stolen items only a few days later.

It feels like I got special attention and my situation was their top priority. But, we know this is not true, and they have countless priorities and this is how they approach every situation.

We are blessed to live in such a great community and have people like Sergeant Searle, Detective Moore and Detective Snowden protecting and serving Edgartown. I’m overly appreciative and thankful.

Edward P. Jordan