The nurses have it. We always knew that.

Their years of education, humor, kindness and service benefit us all. Nurse Sandie Corr-Dolby was not letting her sprained ankle stop her from standing on the end of the line at our post office last week to take care of last-minute business for family and friends before the holiday.

Retired nurse, Anita Cimeno, now living at Windemere, was visited by members of her large family from on Island and off, celebrating with songs and prayers and presents under the watchful and gracious eyes of her nurses and support staff there.

And now I must tell you of the passing of a dedicated, retired nurse, Joan Glodis, at her home in North Carolina on Dec. 3. Joan was a Renaissance woman. Her intelligence, her artistic gifts, her dedication to family and friends was as constant as the northern star. Before Joan and Fred retired from here to North Carolina, I had the opportunity to water their plants and check their Island home while they visited her parents during the holiday season.

I don’t think anyone did Christmas better than Joan. This talented quilter, baker and artist left me marveling at her decorations and ambiance that made their home so perfect. Fred often told me of their meeting in New York city when he was in the Navy and how he knew she was the right one for him. They went on to marry, have one young son, Fred, who died soon after birth, then produced the three beautiful talented daughters we know so well, Kathy, Kim and Abby. May she rest in peace. Her family, her grandchildren, her friends can respect, appreciate and learn from a life well-lived.

A wonderful last minute surprise! My son, Chris Clark, daughter-in-law, Lilly Garza Clark, and my two grandsons, Corbyn and Dominic, flew out from O’Hare airport on Saturday for their first ever on-Island Christmas with the Clarks. The large Clark family made them so welcome and they partied hard. It was the first time I have been able to see them for over a year.

They were fascinated by my flock of turkeys. Dominic particularly enjoyed feeding them and following them around my yard. Artist mom, Lilly, was gifted with a bag of turkey feathers to take back to Rockford and use for art

projects. I can’t wait to hear what the TSA will say about that carry-on bag. The family attended Christmas Eve services at Lorraine’s beloved Grace church. I asked Chris if he remembered having the role of the baby Jesus with his mother as the Virgin Mary at the pageant at Grace in 1985. The kid remembered. I think he’s going to be a writer.

Many Islanders took advantage of the sweet discounts offered to us at Cape hotels. Among those getting away for holiday fun, shopping and swimming pools were Angela (Piper) Murphy and her children, Mercer, Hollis and Mary Afton. They went to the Cape Codder. Eric Woods and Patty Pachico took my buddy, young Shane Vanderhoop True, off for fun and swimming and mall-shopping on Christmas day. I am waiting for a visitor I have not seen in over a year. I shall catch you up on that next week.

All in all, fun times. My new year’s resolution? Be myself. Only more so! Look out, 2019!

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Rene Moncada on Dec. 27; Dec. 28, Fred Norton Shapiro takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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