I suppose the holiday season goes on all year. The Gazette had its annual Not A Holiday Party last Friday night at the hospitable Ocean View. Everyone is so busy during the holidays that publisher Jane Seagrave reserves late January for our annual get-together. If you would like to know who attended simply check our masthead and bylines! We columnists do not work at the plant itself so this is an especially great party for us. Jeremy Berlin played accompaniment. He is a delight. Jeremy informed me Don Groover is doing well. The food was exquisite, the wait staff excellent and stories and laughter abounded. Same time, next year.

That was not the only delayed holiday party. Recently opened bed and breakfast host Laurie Marotta of the Driftwood Inn had an open house cocktail party to thank her friends, many of them close neighbors, who helped get her new venture up and running. There were two Nancys; I was fortunate to be one. Ayla, Sara, Wes, Rose, Christine, and Joe were all there and others came and went. I remember Wanda Denton, Laurie’s mom, and her knack for cooking great food. Please don’t tell my vegan buddies but I could not resist having the sweet and sour meatballs Laurie made from Wanda’s recipe. All the food was delicious! The Driftwood is open year-round.

My friend AP Iacovello will be deejaying at the Barn, Bowl and Bistro on Saturday night for its first ever Brasilian night. Also providing music will be the Brasilian Connection. I’ll see you there.

February and March are food for fines forgiveness month at the library. Bring in canned goods or nonperishable products and watch your fines melt away. The cold and rainy weather forced the postponement of last Thursday’s planned development meeting at the library. Architect Maryann Thompson was going to speak about the proposed addition of a community room. You can still be part if the discussion on Feb. 6 at the library.

I had the good fortune to attend the fish fry at the P.A. Club last Thursday night. Den mother June Manning shepherded in several hard-working Coasties from station Menemsha. The P.A. had invited them and TSA staff free of charge because you-know-who pulled their paychecks. This travesty must end. It is looking more and more like a do-it-yourself government. I also met old friends and a lovely new one there. Martine of Oak Bluffs, the lady in red, give me a call.

Stop in at the new Main street Convenience Store across from the Mansion House. Hailey and Samantha are eager to meet you.

Condolences go out to the Farrissey family on the death of their son Will. Will was a wonderful young man. He deeply loved the Island, the sea, his friends and all dogs. We wish the family comfort and good memories.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Megan Vasconcelos on Jan. 24. Kathy Tarantola claimed Jan. 28, as did Jennifer Marlin. And on Jan. 29, Lisa Nichols took the cake. Many happy returns.