The following letter was sent to the regional high school committee and superintendent’s office.

I have struggled with the issue of plastic fields vs grass fields. It’s strange to me that I have had this internal struggle at all. Environmentally and financially, there appears to be no reasonable way to conclude that plastic would be preferable.

The reason I have struggled is that two of my grandchildren, ages 15 and 13, regularly play on those fields. Wouldn’t it be good, I wonder, if they had a more reliable surface to play on, one that is less susceptible to the vagaries of weather and is easier to maintain? It took me awhile (probably longer than it should have) to decide that for me the answer is emphatically no. They should have top notch, impeccably maintained grass fields to play on that are not a threat to their health, and ours, and that are not irresponsibly expensive.

And perhaps most importantly, in a world struggling to contend with immense environmental problems, what message would I be sending to my grandchildren if I supported plastic fields? This is their world to grow up in, and we haven’t been treating it well. It’s our absolute responsibility to protect, preserve, and restore it as best we can.

It has now become unimaginable to me that we would support the installation of plastic fields. Let’s make beautiful grass fields and care for them in the best possible way.

John Abrams

West Tisbury