After a weekend of sun, snow, sleet, rain and wind, I opened the window on Monday for the first time all winter. Even though it only lasted 15 minutes or so what a difference it made in the house.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Davisson Amancio and Syius Rivera Rigali, who celebrated their day March 9; Addison McDonough and Keira Willoughby, March 10; Isabelly Santana, March 12; and to Elias Graves who celebrated his day March 13.

Beth Ann Hiller from southern California and Edgartown wanted to have us give a shout out for former Edgartonian, J. Thompson Hiller — member of the Grace Episcopal and Federated Churches, Meals on Wheels, Crop Walk, avid walker of the Island, lover of the library, Chilmark Chocolates and Morning Glory Farm — who will turn 95 years young in Johnston, R.I. on March 14. Family and friends will celebrate the happy occasion over Labor Day weekend at his grandson Tom’s wedding to Caitlyn M. Mahoney in Narragansett, R.I. The couple will honeymoon on the Island, as did Tom’s father and mother in 1980.

Mr. Hiller wishes to say hello to Victoria Haeselbarth, all his friends at the Anchors, his church homes, neighbors on Teaberry Lane, Rose at Dr O’Brien’s office, Dr. G. Orazem, Anthony Piland and nurse Beth Smith at the hospital, his friends at the Reliable, Stop & Shop, and the bank, especially Rebecca Tatersall. He said he misses Liz Cane’s delicious birthday cakes, Island lobster rolls and Galley clam chowder.

Ellie Bates wants to remind us that the Wharf Restaurant in Edgartown will host Dine to Donate with a portion of food sales to benefit the Friends of the Edgartown Library on Thursday, March 21 from 5 to 9 p.m.

On Monday night I went to burger night at the bowling alley with my friend Donna Cavallo Monday. On the way we drove down Beach Road and commented on how in just a few short months the beach will be full of people and cars. But most of all we noticed the sky and how blue it was with the mackerel sky. The colors in the clouds were so vivid. Sometimes we take the beauty for granted and forget to enjoy the natural beauty that we are so fortunate to have around us. It certainly was a pretty ride to Oak Bluffs.

The giggle of my day came when my niece Tina was leaving and I stood on the steps with no coat and slippers saying it was so nice out and one of my crocuses was blooming. She looked at me and said: “Only in New England would somebody say it is warm and beautiful when the temperature is 45 degrees.”

She is right.

Send Edgartown news to a great week and keep the home candles burning.