My least favorite weather is wind. Last Friday it was howling and disturbed my sleep. Because the moon was mostly full I could see from my bedroom window that the large plastic covering on my coldframe was standing straight up. Talk about ghostly.

The march toward full-on spring has picked up its pace. There are a few daffodils in bloom in protected southern exposure. Sedum has broken ground. Buds on the quince are very close to opening. The purple dead nettle is fully blooming in my vegetable garden, although I have yet to notice any bees hovering around those blossoms. Witch Hazel continues to bloom. It’s been several weeks. Speaking of which, I saw a hedge of it on Monday in Marion. It had been tightly pruned. I try to keep my criticisms anonymous but people, please, know your plant. Let it do what it is meant to do. Clip your boxwoods into ducks, if you must, but leave forsythia, witch hazel, weigela, azaleas and ninebark alone.

I was thinking about my garden expertise and decided I know something about a lot of things but not enough to be an expert at anything. I tend to learn only from my own innumerable mistakes. When I give advice I start with, “I’m only telling you this because I’ve done it wrong.”

Lately, I’ve noticed the five large geese at the Cape Cod Five Bank are now just three. Perhaps the other two are on maternity leave?

I’m notorious for not wasting food. Pity my poor children. They always complained about the crusts to my homemade bread. I soak them in milk, add an egg, vanilla, and a cinnamon mixture for a French toast-like breakfast custard. Back when they were small I blended eggplant, spaghetti squash and any other hated green things and disguised it in tomato sauce.

I’ve been busy seeding some of the more hardy annual flowers onto a propagating mat. If a killing freeze is threatening I’ll put them back onto the mat covered with bubble wrap. I won’t put them outdoors for at least another month. So far, I’ve started sweet peas, nicotiana, petunias and alyssum. By the way, sweet peas are poisonous. After they flower they do make a pea pod so beware for young children.

I’ve also been transplanting leeks and onions. Leeks can be buried quite deep as you want a nice long root at harvest.

Recently, I went through my pantry, found some tiny potatoes with foot-long sprouts. I removed the sprouts and planted the tiny wrinkled spuds. They came up in a little over a week. How great is that? Guess I should get busy and plant the main crop. Lucky for me I saved enough from last fall’s harvest to plant this spring. It’s one less purchase to make plus I have not even noticed seed potatoes for sale yet. Of course I wasn’t looking.

I have just two comments about the Mueller report. Why does a taxpayer founded two-year investigation get reduced to a four-page summary from a Trump appointed attorney general who has been on the job for a month or so?

Also, if a normal person was vindicated of collusion why would he continue to cry foul and witch hunt. Just a shred of humility and gratitude would be refreshing for a change. What a bunch of sore winners. He complained endlessly after the election and now is still blaming the media for being “mean” to him. For a person to have every possible advantage in life and still be a victim is astonishing.

Wait, there’s more. How do all the indicted and guilty feel? Guess they took one for the team. What a world!