April showers continue. But the heat is rising and it is really starting to feel like spring. The grass is starting to turn green, and there are a lot of buds on the trees.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Carlos Burgos, who celebrated April 14, Kylee Brasefield, Isabella Florio, Riley Kaeka, and Sania Magaraci, who all celebrated April 17, and to Anna Alves, Dyana Burke, and Olivia McCormick, who all celebrated April 18.

I am writing this on Patriot’s Day and it was the perfect day to say good bye to Ted Morgan. There have been many things said about Ted, his service to our country, his service to our town, and he did this with dignity and gave it his all and we are so proud and honored to have had him in our lives.

The one thing there was not much said about was his family. Ted was the husband of Floss for 75 years. They had six children: Col. Tim Morgan and his wife Marty, they have a son Matt and his wife Debbie and their daughter Riley Rose; Fred Jr. and wife Cindy, their daughter Kelly and her husband Troy and their sons Morgan and Baxter; Pam Morgan Dolby and her husband Michael, their son Chris, and his daughters Ellie and Caroline, Shannon Dolby Smith her husband Andy and their children Adeline, and Andrew, and Linley Dolby and her husband Dave and their son Otis; Barbara Morgan and her partner Tom Taylor, and Barbara’s son Dylan and his wife Neelie, and their children Aaron, and Tibie, and Dylan’s son Ethan; Dale Morgan and his wife Linda, and Scott Morgan.

I have been to many family events at the Dolby’s where the whole family was gathered and I can tell you Ted was proud of every one of them, they also of him. There was always one of the kids with him or the grandchildren or great grandchildren on his lap. The friends of the grandchildren called him Grampy and loved and respected him. Joanne Cassidy, one of those friends, ended the service with the song “I’ll be seeing you” in only the way she could, beautiful, meaningful and full of love.

Ted was born and raised in Edgartown with his brother Bob and Sister Jean. He loved his town he loved his country and most of all he loved his family. Rest well Ted, you are hero to all of us, Job well done.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.