Chilmark voters returned incumbent selectman James Malkin to a second term, elected a cemetery commissioner and cleared the way for a new EMS facility at their annual town election Wednesday.

A total of 290 voters cast ballots.

In the lone race on the printed ballot, Judith Flanders beat out Maxwell McCreery 198-49 for a three-year term on the town cemetery commission.

Mr. Malkin, who was unopposed on the printed ballot, saw a surprise write-in challenge from Katie Carroll but easily survived it. He was reelected with 210 votes, while Ms. Carroll had 60.

In a statement the next day. Ms Carroll said she had no knowledge of the origin of the write-in campaign but also thanked her supporters.

“Wow! I am both honored and humbled to receive 20 per cent of the vote without running,” the statement said in part. “I am unaware of where the write-in campaign originated so I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to those people who felt I’d be a reasonable person to represent them in town politics.”

In one of four spending questions, voters also agreed 212-67 to exempt the debt on the $900,000 purchase of the Carroll property near the town hall.

The property purchase was approved with no debate at the annual town meeting Monday night and is part of a plan to build a new fire station and EMS facility near the town hall. The Carroll property will be used for a new facilitty to house Tri-Town ambulance.

A related question to exempt the debt for design fees for the project was also approved 226-53.

In two other override questions, voters also approved:

• $49,999 for the town’s share of a $1.4 million feasibility study for a new high school, 160-20.
• $27,000 for the town’s share of an upgrade on the county’s emergency communications facility, 239-42.

Town clerk Jennifer Christy reported a steady turnout on a sunny, warm spring day. There are 941 registered voters.

“More than usual, I think because of the weather and the questions,” Ms. Christy said.

Arlan Wise said she had been a voter since 1978.

“I always vote, its a civic duty. It’s part of our privilege as an American citizen,” she said.

Dennis Jason Jr. agreed.

“In a small town, you know people. It’s important, especially if you care about Chilmark,” he said.

Elected without contest were:

Clarissa Margaret Allen, board of assessors, 255; Katherine Lees (Katie) Carroll, board of health, 222; Carol (Candy) Shweder, library trustee, 237; Eric N. Glasgow, finance committee, 224; Susan B. Murphy, finance committee, 246; Richard Alan Osnoss, planning board, 239; Catherine A. Thompson, planning board, 235; Sarah S. Cook, cemetery commission, 232; Everett H. Poole, moderator, 254; Keith L. Emin, tree warden, 257 (top vote-getter); Julianna M. Flanders, surveyor of wood, lumber and bark, 253; Clarissa Margaret Allen, site review committee, 248; Samuel M. Feldman, fence viewer, 224; Melanie D. Becker, treasurer, 235.