The Vineyard Sinfonietta celebrates its longest serving member on Sunday with a concert in her honor. Heidi Schultz, 92, has played with the group for almost 60 years, and she said she treasures the experience of performing.

“I love to play for people. We play better when we’ve got somebody to play for, and it’s fun to get the music perfected,” she said.

The sinfonietta was founded in the late 1940s. It now has 11 members: a flute, a clarinet, a recorder, four violins, a viola, a cello, a conductor, and a singer. The group rehearses once a week during the off-season with performances at the Howes House. Ms. Schultz said in the past the Vineyard Sinfonietta has swelled to as large as 30 members and shrunk to as small as four people.

Sunday’s concert will feature Ms. Schultz’s favorite composers: Mozart and Bach. There will also be a song from the Beatles and one of Ms. Schultz’s own compositions called In the Beginning.

“I just wanted something serious and biblical,” she said.

Ms. Schultz grew up outside New York city and spent her adult life on the Cape and the Vineyard. She was once a lab technician at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute doing research on the nerves of squid. She also served for 21 years as the West Tisbury town clerk, retiring in 1995.

A cello player from a young age, she joined the sinfonietta in 1960, a few years after she arrived on the Island. Beyond music, her other creative outlets are needlepoint, knitting and crocheting. Her West Tisbury home is filled with her colorful textiles.

She is part of two musical groups on the Island, and said she enjoys music as a collective creation.

“I hate to practice so I don’t,” Ms. Schultz said. “I’d rather play with somebody.”

Heidi’s Concert will take place at the Howes House in West Tisbury at 2 p.m. on Sunday.