It’s Tuesday night on the last night of April on Martha’s Vineyard. The Bruins playoff game is at 7 p.m. The Celtics playoff game is at 8 p.m. The Red Sox, who won the World Series last winter, have already jumped out to a four-run lead. It’s dinner time. There’s no food in the fridge. What to do?

Town MV, a new bar and grill that opened its doors this week on Upper Main street in Edgartown, has the solution: a jumbotron of six televisions surrounded by a bar with 18 draft beer selections and a menu with items that range from mac and cheese fritter to tuna tartare — albeit tuna tartare served on a bed of tortilla chips.

Although general manager Forest Eiswirth sees the restaurant as less of a sports bar and more of a “neighborhood pub,” most in the bar came to watch the Celtics, Bruins or both of the Boston playoff teams, while also exploring the restaurant’s menu and draft beer compendium.

“We like sports, and we like eating,” said Pete Dansdill, who was at Town MV with his friend Scott Hannah.

“Yeah, I’m a sports fan, but I’m a pretty big food fan as well,” Mr. Hannah added.

The pair had come to Town MV on Monday night as well.

“We’re two for two,” Mr. Dansdill confirmed.

It’s going to take more than two nights for Mr. Dansdill and Mr. Hannah to exhaust the Town MV menu. Along with fried mac and cheese, there are fried pickles, fried potatoes and waffle fries with a fried egg on top (they call those Irish nachos). There’s a shot menu, a beer menu, and a shot and beer combo menu. It’s even open for daily breakfast, from 6 to 10 a.m.

“We’re here for our friend’s 50th birthday,” said Jody Drake. “We’re all good friends and we live right around the corner. We’re really happy to have this in our neighborhood.”
Although the Bruins and Celtics both lost on Tuesday, everyone left contented, happy to have frequented a neighborhood pub that serves a tequila and elderflower cocktail called infernal sunshine.