When Long Point was opened to the public in the late 1970s, I was asked by the Trustees of Reservations to form and head a local committee to help manage the refuge. The first rule we adopted was “no radios, no boom boxes.” We didn’t want the noise of the outside world intruding on the peace, quiet and sanctity of this nature reserve.

Contrast this, to the current plan of The Trustees to bring a giant mirrored hot air balloon to Long Point on July 12 and 14, creating a carnival-like scene of free and ticketed events followed by evening performances when the balloon will transform into a light sculpture serving as a backdrop to live music.

One of the original donors of the old Long Point duck hunting club to The Trustees was my good friend Pete Blodgett. He would be sickened by this abuse of his gift.

I have been connected to The Trustees in various volunteer roles for more than 50 years including that of a former corporate trustee for 35 years, and my wife Tess and I have been generous supporters of the organization. We are saddened by this apparent change in mission which seems so at odds with the old TTOR that honored the land it protected.

In addition to the above, as riparian owners of property on Tisbury Great Pond we are dismayed by The Trustees’ obviously inappropriate plan which will adversely affect our neighbors and the very character of the pond community.

Kib Bramhall lives in West Tisbury.