We predicted it a while ago, but the weather went from 50 to 75 degrees in one day. We never get a chance to adjust to the heat because in the afternoons it can drop just as fast. As we say, if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Kayra Carlos, who celebrated her day June 17; Teagan Brown and Sophia Sampaio, June 18; Asher Savva on June 21; Christian Fisher on June 22, and to Michael Calheta who celebrated his day June 25.

Well I did it again. June 20 came and went and once again I did not call Jan Norton and wish her happy birthday. But why change now? It has only happened every year since 1980. So once again, happy belated birthday, Auntie Jan. We can only hope I will remember next June 20. If you are a betting person, I would not put the wagers too high.

I think you could say the talk of the week is the weather. My big boss Mike texted and said to tell everyone to get in the houses because hail was headed our way. I looked outside, saw blue sky and wondered if he was teasing me.

Still, I did what he said and within a few minutes it was hailing. Everything went black and wow. I could hear the girls in the glass house yelling as the hail stones bounced off.

Lots of pictures and videos were taken and they were awesome.

Mark Hess posted pictures of hail stones all over putting greens. Andy Smith captured an image of the storm that showed a black sky and rain coming down, with blue sky behind it and a lightning bolt going across the sky. This was the backdrop behind the Edgartown lighthouse looking toward Cape Pogue. It is an awesome picture and I hope there will be prints made up.

Monday night was the Lawn Party for the animal shelter. It was a beautiful night and there were plenty of people. The view of Chappy and the harbor were worth the money. There were lots of nice paintings and prints for the silent auction as well as gift certificates for many Island restaurants. I don’t know how they did with all the donations, but I hope it was a lot as the setting and the variety of people were invaluable.

My friend Scott — more like my British son — has once again come to stay with me. We have many activities planned, but his other friends from previous years are coming to visit next week so I might lose him to them. I am confident there will be some good times to be had.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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