James F. Reynolds Trust and 175 Upper Main Street Nominee Trust purchased 175 Main street/4 Perkins Lane in Edgartown from Dualflight LLC for $5,100,000 on July 1.

Nancy C. Wolf purchased 45 Tower Lane in Edgartown from Ellen Duncan Kitzman Trust, Schoeneberg Realty Trust and Barbara M. Schoeneberg Estate for $595,000 on July 2.

Oak Bluffs

Michael J. Bohnert and Dawn Frazier-Bohnert purchased 90 South Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs from Alan J. Schweikert Trust and South End Realty Trust for $1,500,000 on July 3.

Susan Lanoue purchased 0 and 9 Second avenue in Oak Bluffs from Stephen Croncota, Ricardo Baptista Fernandes Trust and Central Place Realty Trust II for $635,000 on July 3.


Daniel Summers and Michael Monahan purchased 65 Foster avenue in Tisbury from Joanne K. Dixon and Ruth Ann Yack for $437,500 on July 1.