Nathaniel P. Morgan and Lauren E. Morgan purchased 26 Hammett Road in Chilmark from Helena M. Price for $830,000 on July 9. 

38 Morse Street LLC purchased 38 Morse Street in Edgartown from Stacy E. Martellucci, Stacy Nickerson-Hall, Gregory B. Hall, Howard N. Hall and the Claire Nickerson Hall Estate for $2,715,000 on July 8.

Jerry F. McKenna and Jennifer McKenna purchased 64 Tenth Street North in Edgartown from Jorge C. Abellas-Martin and Elizabeth A. Seitz for $755,000 on July 10.

James W. Clabby 3rd and Mary Kathleen Clabby purchased Unit 2, Lodge Apartment Condo, Edgartown Village Suites from the Thomas M. McGrath Trust, the Eileen Rogantino Trust and the 68 Winter Street Realty Trust for $550,000 on July 10.

Oak Bluffs
Apria M. Brown purchased 22 Second Avenue in Oak Bluffs from Howard H. Brown and Howard Hawkins Brown for $399,000 on July 8.

Timothy Simmons, Paul Simmons and Ann M. Simmons purchased 180 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs from Christopher J. Heidt for $450,000 on July 9.

Mikeisha Anderson Jones and Beverley J. Anderson purchased 41 School Street in Oak Bluffs from Eladio R. Gore and Louise M. Gore for $575,000 on July 9.

129 Hines Point LLC purchased 129 Hines Point in Tisbury from Michael Edward Celestine McMullen and Nora Lily McMullen for $1,635,000 on July 8. 

West Tisbury 
Amy K. Hanson and Thomas J. Hanson purchased 82 Panhandle Road in West Tisbury from the Shirley W. Mayhew Trust and the Deborah J. Mayhew Land Trust for $540,000 on July 10.