A week ago Tuesday’s super quick tornado/lightning/rain event was a bit anxiety-producing. The front of the house had wind, rain coming down sideways and scary blackened sky. The back yard was in full sun. Trees were downed and traffic was crawling.

For a few moments, I regretted my lack of a cellar or even a storm shelter. The cell phones kept warning us. I’ve lived on the Vineyard for almost 50 years and never thought about a tornado, never mind experienced one. There were some rumors in the nineties that Hurricane Bob threw a couple up-Island. Nonetheless, we carry on.

All the fields and roadways are awash with Queen Anne’s Lace. I love the stuff, especially alongside sky-blue chicory. A member of the carrot family, Queen Anne is edible but not particularly sweet or tasty. Keep it in mind in the event of the end of the world as we know it.

A few years ago David at Heather Gardens grew some pink Queen Anne’s. It was very pretty but did not come back for me. I went on the search and found “Dara” in the Select Seed catalog. There is also an Ammi Majus which is very nice and adds a Victorian flavor to a perennial bed. The Pink Dara is awesome with the fairly new cultivars of zinnias like Queen Red Lime or Raspberry Limeade. Check them out in next spring’s seed catalogs. Speaking of which, I received one in the mail this week. Really, people? July? Next week the Christmas ones will probably be arriving.

There is a ton of purple loosestrife blooming in Whiting’s Pond. It’s pretty but very invasive. Also, never plant the Gooseneck Loosestrife. I made that mistake years ago and weed it out by the bushel.

I was happy in the vegetable garden this week. I harvested a bushel of garlic. Remakable, since the bed was so weedy I pulled it basically from memory. Last year I had a bumper crop and was able to replant quite a bit. I’m trying to kid myself that it was “free” but any gardener or farmer knows nothing is free. I bet my eggs are worth fifty bucks a dozen, considering the effort, raccoon loss and fencing. Good thing I love it because there’s no point otherwise.

I try to keep my criticism anonymous (except in politics), but I have to say, the front porch of Alley’s looks so much better this year without all the plastic beach items. The little red wagons full of plantings are a nice touch.

I planted one seed package of Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage this early spring. As is my custom, I saved every single seedling. We’ve been eating cabbage in some form every day for over a month. Still, there is more. (This is a quality problem, by the way!)

I want to replant the area for fall so I’m determined to do a major harvest and start some sauerkraut. It’s been several years but it is relatively easy, very healthy and extremely satisfying. Will keep you posted.

Donald Trump has managed to break the moral backbone of the Republican party. Not a single Republican congressperson has come out in support of Elijah Cummings after Trump’s weekend Twitter attack. That is, if you do not count the pathetic and three-day-late attempt by Mark Meadows. This is the same Mark Meadows who cried during the Michael Cohen hearing after someone called him a racist. Elijah Cummings jumped to his defense. Meadows cannot do the same because, like his fellow party members, he is owned by DJT.

We heep hearing about Trump getting upset about this or that so people walk around on eggshells so as not to invoke his anger.

The most depressing thing about all this is that so many Americans are becoming happy to hate each other. He has given us permission to behave badly.