Each Wednesday and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Chilmark Flea Market fans follow the pointer finger on the yellow signs scattered around the Island toward 142 North Road, the field across from the old schoolhouse.

The Flea, as it is affectionately known, began 52 years ago and remains dedicated to providing a space for Vineyard artists and craftsmen to display their handmade goods to the public.

Though the heat on a recent Saturday slowed the pace, especially as the afternoon progressed, the lines for the Scottish Bakehouse lemonade stand and locally-sourced kombucha from Kulture Club Kombucha grew as temperatures escalated. Also spurred by the heat were sales for Roy Bikini, the Island-based swimwear company started six years ago by Liane Roy.

“The intersection of style and comfort is the sweet spot I’m going for,” said Ms. Roy, who designs and sews the swimsuits herself.

Only recently has Ms. Roy been able to employ her sister and a small team of Islanders to help with marketing and production. She said that it has been hard to launch a small business on the Vineyard, but the flea market has given her a platform to spread the word of her Vineyard Haven-based store.

One of the “bikini interns,” so titled by Ms. Roy, is Grace Kenney. In addition to fashioning hair-ties out of excess bikini straps, Ms. Kenney also runs her own clothing line, Coastal Caps.

The hats, she said, are sustainably handmade using repurposed plastic bags and fabric scraps that would otherwise be thrown into the trash. The idea came to her this year while at Bennington College in Vermont, and are now sold at select stores and markets on the Island.

A few stalls away, Micah Thanhauser discussed the geological foundations of the Island’s clay deposits with a masseuse from Amid the Waters. After completing his studies at Brown University, Mr. Thanhauser continued his education through pottery apprenticeships in North Carolina and Japan. This year he opened Merry Farm Pottery on the Island.

“There is a lot of Japanese influence in the design,” he said, gesturing to his collection of ceramic bowls, mugs and vases.

As the afternoon progressed, cars slowly headed out of the field and toward the beach, some no doubt with newly acquired swimsuits to test out or mugs to fill with more iced coffee.