Treasure Hunting at the Chilmark Flea
You might not get into the Chilmark Flea Market on your first attempt.
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Camaraderie of the Chilmark Flea Market Perseveres
For vendors and customers alike, the return of the Chilmark Flea Market this summer has helped bring back a vital component of their summer social life.
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Chilmark Flea Postponed Indefinitely
The Chilmark Flea Market is on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, organizers announced.
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Summer Tradition: Treasure Hunting at the Chilmark Flea Market
Will Sennott
Each Wednesday and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Chilmark Flea Market fans follow the pointer finger on the yellow signs scattered around the Island.
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Fifty Years for the Chilmark Flea
Chloe Reichel
The Chilmark Flea Market began in 1967 with five card tables at the Chilmark Community Church. Fifty years later and a lot larger, its still going strong.
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Chilmark Flea Market Turns 43
Remy Tumin

Antique sellers, artists, glassblowers and jewelers basked in the morning light of the first Chilmark Flea Market last Wednesday, waiting on their folding chairs and backs of trucks for customers and fellow vendors to approach their tables of goodies.

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Community of Sellers Thrives at Chilmark Flea
Jonah Lipsky

A market where you can buy or barter for secondhand goods is called a swap meet in some places, trash and treasure market in others, and flea market on Martha’s Vineyard. The Chilmark Flea Market holds unlimited potential; anyone can rent a stall to set out anything — well, nearly anything — they want to sell.

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