There’s nothing quite like an outdoor shower. Anticipation begins each spring as the air temperature starts to rise, and once night time temperatures stop threatening to dip below freezing, the water can safely be turned on. Then, joyfully, the warm water runs with the pleasure of the sun shining overhead, or perhaps the stars.

A while back at one particular Menemsha residence these motions were set into place, but after a brief period a family member returned, soap-on-a-rope in hand, a towel draped over a shoulder, disclosing that the outdoor shower head had been removed. After questioning any possible familial culprits, guests and even the nearby crow perched in a tree — we all know crows like shiny things — the mystery of the disappearing shower head remains just that. If you have knowledge about where the shower head has take up residence, or even the shower head itself, you can drop it off at the Texaco to be passed on to the homeowners with no questions asked.

Sixteen-year-old Theo Stanley made it to town for another long weekend between soccer camps, practices and tryouts. Between beach trips, hang outs with friends and other summery adventures, he managed to fit in visits with family members, including grandparents Marie (Fischer) and Jon Scott. Big sister Eva is gearing up to head off to join the Middlebury College Class of 2023, and younger brother Quinn is enjoying fun, frolic and the simplicity of being a kid.

Kira Shipway traveled home from the Big Apple to enjoy a long weekend with family. Charlie, Sarah, Tyler and pup Triton, among others, were happy to have her around. Grandfather Morgan Shipway, here for the month from his home in Connecticut, was just as thrilled to have overlapping time with his granddaughter. Strolls along Dutcher Dock and a spectacular Menemsha sunset topped the to-do list.

Sam Hopkins has landed more sea scallops in Menemsha. F/V Endurance headed out of Menemsha Monday afternoon with Will Diamond and Otto Osmers, and quite possibly a last minute addition of Walter Greene on board. The team steamed, dragged, hauled and shucked in a 28 or so hour window to produce fresh sea scallops now ready to grace your dinner table. Two words come to mind — buy local.

The Goldman-Heilbron residence has been filled with visitors, laughter, love and, most recently, a visit from son Adam who traveled from his home in Florida. Fishing with Andy aboard Heritage produced some quality time and a bounty of bluefish.

Jennifer (Enos) Iacopino, husband Jack and daughter Andrea had a memorable weekend adventure visiting with friend Julie Flanders among others. Beaches, books, lucky rocks, laughter and more topped the to-do list. You’ll be happy to know all of these items were checked off.

Andrew Loveluck has finished up his summer time in town. After working at the Texaco, enjoying a visit from off-Island friends and spending quality time with family, he’s packing up and preparing to set off for his freshman year in our nation’s capital. George Washington University will be receiving a mind eagerly ready to learn. Go Andrew.

Mary Gibbons and Mike Curley, aboard their boat Optimist, traveled from Greenwich, Conn. to call Menemsha Harbor home for two weeks. They arrived just in time for Meet the Fleet and enjoyed swims, sunsets and all the simple pleasures in between.

Thornton Klaren was out and about in Menemsha over the past few days visiting and reminiscing with old friends along the dock. He is a pleasure to chat with and the joy on his face as he speaks about granddaughter Kelly is infectious. Kelly, Chilmark School alum and daughter of Kim and Jonathan, is preparing to embark on her freshman year at Merrimack College.

Illumination, fireworks and fair. What were the highlights for you and your family? Do share.

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