The weather smiled brightly on Beach Road Weekend, but that was perhaps the only variable still in question at the start of the music festival due to the vagaries of nature. Every other detail appeared vetted to precision, from the vast setup and breakdown, to the ample but not oppressive security detail, to the red hammocks set up for anyone looking for a relaxing time out.

And then there was the music. A mix of local, nearly local and bold-faced names, the lineup delivered day after day.

The main complaint heard down on the field was the large amount of expensive VIP seats that mostly went unfilled until Phil Lesh and Friends arrived on Sunday evening, leaving regular ticket holders to watch behind a moat a bit too wide.

Whether the festival was a financial success is a question for Adam Epstein, the promoter, and his company, Innovation Arts & Entertainment. But by all other standards it appeared to be so, running like clockwork and even finishing at the appointed time each night, a rarity for rock and roll.

The town of Tisbury should be commended as well for taking the time to vet the idea week after week before giving the okay. New ideas can be challenging, but that is no reason to say no without first giving it a try.

Although the summer and its heady list of events is not yet over, a bulk of the season has already come and gone. And for an Island teeming with things to do, it would seem this place breeds organizers of the highest caliber. Smooth and successful are the most common words heard from shore to shore each week as one show leads effortlessly to another one.

But of course effortlessly is the wrong word. It takes a lot of hard work and planning to put on a show of any type. Most importantly, it takes a creative vision of what can be.

Well done Beach Road. Well done Island organizations everywhere.