The first week of September means the derby is fast approaching and anglers are counting down the days until it’s fish, fish, fish from sun up to sundown and then some. But before that, this week is back to school for our children.

Monday, on the eve of the first day of school, children were frolicking and soaking up the last full day of summertime adventure. Bathing suits, sandy feet, nets, buckets of moon jellies, lifejackets and fishing poles were systematically dancing up and down the Menemsha dock with hive-like energy. One child reveled at the idea that Tuesday would bring school while another was on the verge of tears seemingly overcome with dismay imagining what Tuesday would bring. The teary child was consoled with the simple words: “Let’s just worry about enjoying today.”

The phone rang in the wee hours of the morning on August 28 at the Glick house. Holly and Larry’s daughter had gone into labor so they scurried to the 4:30 a.m. Patriot and began their journey to the Big Apple. Although six weeks early, four-pound, nine-ounce ounce Benjamin Martin Suchoff was born to Amanda and Zachary that day. Although this wasn’t the plan they had envisioned all are doing well and Holly and Larry are truly thrilled to take on the role of grandparents. They will spend the next few weeks in New York city doing just that. Welcome to the world, Benjamin.

According to Josh Langner, Bernard Levy is the best grandfather in the world. I’ll hazard a guess and say Josh’s cousins Jonah and Ezra, if asked, just might say the same thing. They, along with parents, Ed Levy and Julie Tishler, spent a few days at Bernie’s Prospect Hill home managing to squeeze in some waning days of summer fun.

We had an unexpected little visitor to the rim of the Texaco touch tank this past week. A bright white pigeon appeared looking for a drink of water. Spider Andresen filled the Squid Row dog bowl and the little bird drank and drank until its tank was refilled. It took a short flight, landed on the Texaco roof and sat a spell overlooking the harbor just like many visitors do. Its leg had a band so obviously it was a bird known to someone. Brooks managed to get a peek of the number 99 but not the rest. An hour or so later the bird took flight and continued on its way. The next day, Lynne Silva found the remains of a white pigeon at the West Tisbury town line on South Road. It too had 99 on it. It was a perfect excuse to reach out to birder friend Soo Whiting. I love a good mystery and an opportunity to connect with her. If I can get more information I will be sure to share, but sometimes events and stories just leave you wondering.

Chilmark’s 325th birthday party is coming together. Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. at the CCC is the time and place all are called to gather and celebrate. Susan Murphy, our chief coordinator, is putting her best foot forward rallying a troop of volunteers because, as they say, many hands make light work. Volunteers are needed to help set up tables and such starting at 4 p.m.

Folks are also needed to help during the party to keep potluck tables organized and such. Then, of course, there’s cleanup duty. Call Susan at 508-645-2883 to volunteer, or if you are a Facebooker, please find our event Chilmark 325. Who remembers the days of square dances at the tavern, and later at the center? Sept. 14 might just be the night that all your great memories come flooding back and new ones are created. Get excited, people, get excited.