On New York avenue on Saturday morning many were captured by the sign pointing down Winemack Street that simply said “stuff” for sale. Winemack is one of those unassuming streets in Oak Bluffs with many characteristics. Coming off New York avenue you see a mix of old and new cottages, many with limited views to Crystal Lake and several with expansive views into Vineyard Haven Sound. At the end of Winemack on the corner, a large yard and small garage were filled with women’s clothes and a potpourri of hand and shoulder bags — all for sale. Sis Carroll could be found moving between the porch to the yard, pricing things and haggling with buyers. Longtime family friend Michelle Travers and her husband Shawn are neighbors to the Carroll family.

Sis’s family has been in the area since 1946. She recalls that her grandmother was from rural Maine and when she grew up women were not permitted to attend school beyond the sixth grade. Displaying her independent spirit, she went to Taunton to continue her education and met her future husband. The family began coming to East Chop, and Sis has carried on that tradition with her husband, four children and seven grandchildren, for many years. Her interest in collecting from flea markets came from living in Denver for more than 50 years (when not on the Vineyard). As living space changes as downsizing occurs, there is the realization that some things, even quality things must go. Traffic was brisk and sales were lively.

Featherstone is exhibiting the Davenport Collection, an exclusive family collection that includes works by Romare Beardon, Lois Mailou Jones, Voltaire Hector and P. Viet among others. There is a welded steel sculpture and two beautiful textile pieces combining African Mudcloth with other textiles and symbolic objects by T. Malik, an artist from Mali. Only about 18 pieces were left as of this past Sunday. The Featherstone exhibits are always a treat.

From art to authors, folks are buzzing about the Narragansett House Inkwell Talks, a series of author readings that began in early July and ended on Sept. 1. Ginger McKnight, Bret Anthony Johnston, Skip Finley, Holly Hodder Eger and Lalita Tademy were some of the featured speakers this past summer. I

hope to provide early notice as selections are made for the 2020 season.

Leon Braithwaite is known for his barbecue skills on the grill.; So many were surprised to see him managing the waffle grill this past weekend for Dave and Lynn Edmonds. The deep fried chicken and waffles was a great treat for friends visiting from Cleveland, Ohio, Bowie, Md., Washington, D.C., and Sarasota, Fla., among other places.

The Rev. Dr. Aliya Browne closed out the summer schedule at Union Chapel this past Sunday. The newly elected vice president of the trustee board delivered an inspiring message titled He Knows My Name. The chapel celebrates its 150th year in 2020 and will be organizing a series of events to recognize this historic date. Shirley Hall is chairman of the planing committee. On Sunday there was a special tribute to the fabulous musical selections as well as the choir selections by music director Bill Peek Jr. Bill and the choir received a standing ovation.

I have enjoyed writing this column weekly since Memorial Day. As the pace on the Island slows down I will move from weekly to twice a month. If you have news, please share it with me.

Paradise on earth is the Vineyard experience. Enjoy it as time is fleeting!