I often think that fall is the best of the four seasons. Here on the Vineyard, it is difficult to change gears from the crazy summer to a more relaxed time. I experience some sort of anxiety this time of year. I was thinking it must be in the DNA from caveman times. Is there enough food and fuel gathered for yet another winter? This behavior makes no logical sense. A person can drive to the market and pick up food from all over the world. Nevertheless, I feel ill at ease.

How I wish I could blame someone for my lifestyle choices. I have pigs, chickens and a large producing garden to manage. Today, as I write, I’m tired. Good thing tomorrow is a new day.

I decided to stop weeding the vegetables, hauling those weeds to the compost, turning it over several times and hauling it back to the garden come spring . This year, as I weed, I’ve been placing those weeds in an orderly fashion right back on the beds. A couple flakes of hay on top should keep it decomposing nicely all winter.

I’ve become a fan of black weed mat. I’m using three-foot wide strips in the paths. For years I used pieces of carpeting. While more attractive, it did allow weeds to grow right through. They are persistent.

I am proud of my beets. I started them inside around April and painstakingly transplanted them into flats about an inch apart. I upended the flat into the garden and walked away. Thinning was unnecessary and none of their little lives was in vain. I’ve been eating and/or pickling them all summer. All are at least the size of golf balls. To pickle them I use a quart of apple cider vinegar and a cup of honey and prepare the beets with an equal amount of sliced white onions. They are then put in a ten-minute water bath canner. They make colorful Christmas presents or are delicious mixed with olive oil on some winter greens.

I processed all my grapes into juice. The kitchen table was piled with bunches. It is an annoying task to clean them all but well worth the effort. The juice is wonderful.

I wonder, after all is said and done, how food is actually as cheap as it is. The amount of human labor when prepared at home is priceless. Good thing I love my family.

I missed my calling in advertising. Grey Barn has been making bread to add to their meat, eggs and vegetables. They have, by far, the best English muffins money can buy. The problem is that by the time I get there they are usually sold out. Such is life.

Richard Nixon resigned before he was impeached. Only twice in our history have we actually impeached an American President. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton both failed to be found guilty by the Senate after the House of Representatives brought charges.

Nancy Pelosi has been prudent and not rushed by some of the more liberal members of her caucus. She can, however, count votes and seemed to have no choice on Tuesday. I am not surprised by the actual admission of Trump that he discussed Joe Biden with the President of Ukraine. His defense is: “I did it — so what?”

I cannot believe I’m quoting him but “we’ll see what happens.”

I’ll be shocked if Republicans would ever turn on him. I see investigations of the Bidens for the next months.

Bill Clinton’s approval rating shot up after his impeachment but the Democrats lost the White House in the next election. Just saying.