I grew up in a small community in Illinois. After leaving I came to Martha’s Vineyard and proceeded to bounce around.

I am so fortunate that I chose Martha’s Vineyard as my permanent home.

In April I lost my voice screaming for the Providence Friars at the Frozen Four. After my voice never normalized, friends suggested I have it checked.

I had an ulcer on my larynx. Karen Fuller encouraged and set it up for me to go to Mass Eye and Ear. The results were not positive.

I just completed six weeks of five-days-a-week treatment. But my real story is the outpouring of offers of assistance, prayers and the willingness of everyone who knew to help in some manner.

Ellen Saville upon hearing connected me with Angela Verrose who had been through exactly what I faced.

Not only was she my angel but she covered some of my shifts at l’etoile as did Laura Lacey and Aubrey Sirois.

My employers, Michael Brisson at l’etoile and the membership at the Edgartown Reading Room, could not have been more supportive.

My ex-wife Julie Williamson insisted upon going with me to my first treatment. Capt. Bill Hudgins drove me to Boston three times. Gina Barbosa of the SSA stepped in immediately to ease the burden. Tim Williamson and Erik Blake of the Oak Bluffs police department facilitated my parking issues on this side. The American Cancer Society provided transportation from volunteers to and from the boats on the other side. Mark Hess of the Edgartown Golf Club enabled me to enjoy the peace and tranquility that I so needed during this process.

Even though I missed my high school reunion, I received a card signed by all my classmates.

My chief firing squad in Falmouth, Kim Cari and Rachel and Debbie who organized the process, went out of their way to make me feel special.

And to Jim and Ruth Clark formerly of Woods Hole who built the Clark Center in Falmouth, lessening the travel for all Vineyarders, I never failed to thank them as I passed their portrait in the lobby.

I kept this saga on the down low but everyone here that I encountered could not have been more supportive. This truly is a special place to live.

J.S. Moffet