Conroy Apothecary will close its Oak Bluffs location on Nov. 1 after 10 years of filling prescriptions and providing over-the-counter medicines in the down-Island community.

The satellite pharmacy located on the corner of Circuit and Pennacook avenues in a town-owned building, will be consolidated with its main location in West Tisbury, which has been operating for 31 years.

“It was a really hard decision. I’m sure there are some customers that are disappointed and I feel bad about that,” said Tamara Hersh, a pharmacist who co-owns and manages the store with her husband Stan Hersh. “But we had to do what was best for the company.”

Mrs. Hersh said all prescription records will be transferred from Oak Bluffs to West Tisbury the weekend after Nov. 1. Along with the records, the four full-time Oak Bluffs staffers will move to the West Tisbury location. One part-time worker will not be transferred to West Tisbury, she said.

Mrs. Hersh said her husband will guarantee free next-day deliveries of prescriptions to people who cannot make it to the up-Island location. Previously, he had only delivered prescriptions on Fridays.

She said the store opened in Oak Bluffs because the town wanted a local pharmacy and Conroy’s won the bid on the 10-year lease for the space in the historic Noyes building, formerly the town library. As the lease comes to an end, Ms. Hersh said the decision to close was a financial one.

“We tried to make it work for 10 years. We just feel it’s not quite busy enough in the wintertime,” she said. “A lot of other businesses in Oak Bluffs close their doors. It’s valuable in the summertime, but in the wintertime it’s just not.”

There are four pharmacies on the Island; three are locally owned. Ms. Hersh said like other small businesses, mom-and-pop pharmacies struggle to compete with big chain stores and online retailers.

“It’s a tough business with mail order, and Amazon, and companies that really squeeze you for every penny,” she said. “I can say that off-Island there are many retail pharmacies that are being bought up by large corporations.”

She said Conroy’s in West Tisbury still has plenty of business, and she hopes Oak Bluffs customers will stay with them.

“On the Monday following November first, it’s business as usual in West Tisbury,” Mrs. Hersh said.