Lucy Van Pelt could be a difficult character, dispensing advice for a nickel, but just as quick to dispense aggression. Her mood swings were usually aimed at Charlie Brown but really anyone in the Peanut’s universe was fair game.

But what was really going on beneath that helmet of cartoon hair? Well, on Saturday, Nov. 16 beginning at 3:30 p.m. at the West Tisbury Library, Dr. Peter Kramer will help provide some answers. Dr. Kramer is a psychiatrist and faculty member of Brown Medical School specializing in the area of clinical depression. He has also contributed a chapter in the recently published book, The Peanut Papers, which includes 33 different writers reflecting on the deeper truths of Charles Schulz’s characters.

Other writers who contributed to the book include Jonathan Franzen, George Saunders, Ann Patchett, Umberto Eco and Maxine Hong Kingston to name a few.