Debuting this weekend at PathwaysARTS in the Chilmark Tavern, CinemaDance shows how two prominent art forms, dance and film, can come together to create a beautiful hybrid with a different take on both forms.

CinemaDance will showcase 15 different films — eight works are queued up for Saturday, Jan. 11 with screenings at 2 and 7 p.m. and seven more on Sunday, Jan. 12 with screenings at 2 and 4 p.m.

Curator Lisa Gross, a former dancer, choreographer and advocate of education for kids in the juvenile justice system, said she is excited to bring this hybrid art form to the Vineyard.

“On the Island not a lot of people are familiar with it but they love dance and they love the arts and film so I wanted to share it with them,” she said.

Ms. Gross moved to the Island two years ago after living in Los Angeles for 23 years where she was a part of a dance fellowship at UCLA and also served on the board of the Dance Camera West Festival. After moving to the Vineyard, she said her “creative roots are resurfacing. It’s easier to do things here than in larger cities.”

Throughout the winter season Pathways is an artistic place to call home. — Bareny Zeitz

Ms. Gross said her goal for the weekend is to show something for everybody. The festival features both past and present dance films from around the world in various styles and genres. She described her selection of works as “a smattering, an overview” that aims to inspire and provoke.

“I think the form is not an easy one because choreographers aren’t used to filmmaking and filmmakers aren’t used to dance,” Ms. Gross said. “So, to collaborate and make a film that holds together and makes one piece, to create a cohesive whole, you really need to understand movement. I look for the films that make you have a sense of the whole piece.”

The festival begins on Saturday with a series of short dance films, ranging from a one-minute foot dance to the 34-minute film Cost of Living by the company DV8. Other highlights include a film made in 2015 by Jesse Keller and Alison Manning from the Yard called Distance of Blue, and a re-staging of the collaboration between Sol Lewitt, Lucinda Childs and Philip Glass for Lincoln Center Out of Doors.

The festival closes on Sunday with two documentary films that follow renowned choreographer, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker during her creative process.

“A lot of people don’t know about it, but there are dance film festivals all over the world,” Ms. Gross said. “Cinema Dance has been around forever, since the advent of cinematography, but it’s grown and gotten really big in the past 20 to 30 years.”

PathwaysARTS is located at 9 State Road in Chilmark, in the Chilmark Tavern. For more information on the CinemaDance festival and other winter programing, visit