Donald A. Hamburg TRS, Marianne D. Meyer TRS and Trust Indenture purchased 3 East Pasture Lane in Aquinnah from Noah Lerner, Murray Lerner Est., Judith Lerner Est. and Judith Levine Est. for $2,550,000 on Dec. 31.


Myst Point LLC purchased 15 Azalea Lane in Chilmark from Marianne D. Meyer TRS, Donald A. Hamburg TRS and Trust Indenture for $5,725,000 on Dec. 30. Ernest V. Carlomagno Jr. purchased 33 R North Road in Chilmark from Robert F. Peterson and Judith L. Peterson for $640,000 on Jan. 3.


Bernd-Peter Morganroth purchased 75 Norton Orchard Road in Edgartown from Evelyn M. McSweeney for $1,150,000 on Dec. 23.

Christopher J. Coghlin and Kimberly A. Coghlin purchased 29 Mill Hill Road in Edgartown from Katamen Development LLC for $1,900,000 on Dec. 24.

Richard Wilkof and Clara Walmsley purchased 3 Oakdale Lane in Edgartown from Alice B. Indelicato TRS and 3 Oakdale Realty Trust for $1,100,000 on Dec. 26.

Robert M. McCarron TRS and MBC Nominee Trust purchased 43 Caleb Pond Road in Edgartown from Susan Giorgano, Anita Ustjanauskas, Richard V. Giordano Jr. and Barbara Giordano Est. for $920,000 on Dec. 27.

Robert M. McCarron TRS and Waterman Nominee Trust purchased 44 Caleb Pond Road in Edgartown from

Susan Giordano, Anita Ustjanauskas, Richard V. Giorgano Jr. and Barbara Giordano Est. for $4,000,000 on Dec. 27. Paula M. Karol purchased 23 Fourteenth street South in Edgartown from Eleanor M. Kelly for $550,000 on Jan. 3.

Oak Bluffs

T. George Davis Jr. and Claire Markell purchased 15 R Spindles Path in Oak Bluffs from Spindle Path LLC for $642,000 on Dec. 30.

Jacqueline S. Goldberg and Jeffrey M. Goldberg purcahsed 7 Quail Run in Oak Bluffs from Kevin S. Irwin and Bernadette K. Thomas for $1,245,000 on Dec. 26.

Hidden Paradise LLC purchased 10 Hidden Cove Road in Oak Bluffs from CRZ Inc. for $400,000 on Dec. 30.

Deirdre Bright-Foreman purchased 55 Samoset avenue in Oak Bluffs from Nopsaran Chaimattayompol and Stafanie Wong for $890,000 on Dec. 31.

Vineyard Haven

Dennis Onkoba Sagini and Abigail Elizabeth Sagini purchased 77 Massabesic avenue in Vineyard Haven from Maurice E. Balboni TRS, Sheila M. Balboni TRS and Makonikey Heights Realty Trust for $1,415,000 on Dec. 27.