Featherstone in Oak Bluffs is kicking off its 2020 season with a bit of a twist, an art exhibit all about numbers.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves encompasses all forms of art, such as paintings, sculptures, photography and more — all of which highlight the numbers interwoven in the world around us.

Traditionally, the Francine Kelly Gallery at Featherstone begins its season with a theme centered around love and Valentine’s Day. This year, with the opportunity to open the show on 2/20/20, executive director Ann Smith said the curating team thought it would be fun to start the new decade focused on numbers and the natural patterns they take in the world.

From airplane tail numbers to scientific equations, computer coding and phone numbers, The Numbers Speak for Themselves showcases the prominence of numbers in our lives.

The exhibit will include all-new artwork from more than 40 Island artists and be on display from Feb. 20 to March 15. The gallery is open daily from 12 to 4 p.m.