With a search under way for an interim fire chief, Oak Bluffs town leaders said Tuesday that a short-term plan for the fire and EMS departments is beginning to take shape.

Fire chief John Rose stepped down under pressure last month with a negotiated exit package, including salary and benefits. Shortly after, deputy chief Shawn Broadley took early retirement.

For now, assistant chief Manuel Rose is in command of the fire department while first lieutenant Matthew Bradley is heading the EMS side. George Baker, a retired fire chief from Mashpee, has been retained by the town as a consultant.

Meanwhile, the town is advertising for an interim chief with a March 2 deadline for applications. At the selectman’s meeting Tuesday, town administrator Robert Whritenour said there has been “a fair amount of interest” in the position.

Mr. Whritenour and board chairman Brian Packish both said they expect the interim post will run from two to six months.

“Hopefully [it will] buy us enough time to have a conversation as to what does the overall leadership look like, what are the roles, what are the responsibilities, how do we realign,” Mr. Packish said.

“There were some challenges that have been identified over the course of the conversation that we need to put some energy into as a board,” he also said, although he did not specify details.

Mr. Whritenour said retired Chief Baker has been meeting with department staff “to offer his support and guidance with immediate needs and ensuring that any questions they have are processed and all the needs are met.”

In other business Tuesday, Steamship Authority general manager Robert Davis and former general counsel Steven Sayers approached the board to discuss the boat line’s new long-range transportation task force. Mr. Davis and Mr. Sayers have been making the rounds in port towns seeking participation in the newly-formed advisory group.

Selectman Mike Santoro volunteered to serve on the task force; one other person will also be appointed by the town.