The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission purchased property on Moshup Trail from George B. Brush and Jeffrey L. Madison for $1,450,000 on Feb. 21. Edgartown Joseph M. Guerrero and Michelle Guerrero purchased 17 Thaxter Lane from Paula Sumberg, trustee, Paula A. Sumberg, trustee, MV Katama Trust, Robert L. Ricciardelli, trustee, the Louis A. Ricciardelli Family Irrevocable Trust, Josephine A. Ricciardelli, trustee and the Josephine A. Ricciardelli Family Irrevocable Trust for $1,700,000 on Feb. 18.

Jo-Ann Resendes and Irene Marie Resendes purchased 1/4 interest in 24 Herring Creek Road from Richard Resendes for $93,700 on Feb. 19.

Gary Daula Vineyard Homes LLC purchased 147 South Water street from Rex Gedney and Laura Lee Gedney for $1,300,000 on Feb. 19.

Oak Bluffs

Paul Graf, trustee, Laura Graf, trustee and the Plara Realty Trust purchased 34 Paddock Road from Preserve at the Woodlands, LLC for $600,000 on Feb. 20. Susan Schofield purchased 45 Manchester avenue from Douglas A. Tamilio, Amy R. Tamilio and Steven Scott Stewart for $605,000 on Feb. 20.


Harbor Homes of Martha’s Vineyard Inc. purchased 103 Tashmoo avenue from Tashmoo Housing Company, LLC for $800,000 on Feb. 19.

West Chop Club Inc. purchased 1054 Main street from David W. Goodridge, trustee and Goodridge West Chop Realty Trust for $2,250,000 on Feb. 20.

Daniel Summers and Michael Monahan purchased 62 Foster avenue from Matthew Koenig, Jessica Koenig and Jesica Merry for $595,000 on Feb. 20.

Elena De Foe and Daniel De Foe purchased 20 Leland avenue from David F. Willoughby, Tamma L. Cimeno and Tamma L. Willoughby for $310,000 on Feb. 21.

West Tisbury

Spring Lot Partners LLC, purchased a 50 per cent undivided interest in 40 Simon Athearn Road from Paul’s Point Area Realty, LLC for $1,046,300 on Feb. 19.