Joining their counterparts across the commonwealth, Island voters will go to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots in the presidential primary. On the same day, primaries and caucuses will be held in thirteen other states around the country.

Early voting took place this week statewide, including in every town on the Island.

With fewer than 10 per cent of the delegates that will be pledged on Super Tuesday, Massachusetts is a bit player in what has become the biggest single day of the presidential primary campaign. But in an election year more fraught than at any time in recent history, every delegate matters.

By long tradition, the Gazette does not endorse candidates for national office, believing that voters have more than enough available information to educate themselves — including endorsements — in the larger mainstream media.

In a year of so much political chaos, confusion and shrill voices raised in anger, frankly that policy comes as a small relief. Like many voters, on some days what we mostly crave is a quiet room to get away from it all. On every street corner and, more insidiously, on every electronic platform, one can sense how the public faith in government institutions has been deeply shaken.

The impulse to turn off the noise and let others make the decisions has its allure. But if simply casting a vote in the presidential primary seems like an ineffectual act, then the answer is not to do nothing. It is to do that and more.

There are many ways to become involved in the political process, but they all start with a simple act.

Polls will be open in every Island town from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. Don’t forget to vote.