If you come from far away
or someplace closer by
If you live here seasonally
or stopped off on the fly
If you’re feelin’ fine as kind
or never better yet
If your family’s all in tow
you even brought your pets

If the sun is shining as the ferry
plies the Sound
Or if the vessel’s hoppin’ and cold rain is poundin’ down
If the town seems soft and quiet
like a winter holiday
Or if some folks are joggin’
please keep six feet away

If you don’t remember
or never thought before
the Vineyard’s just another place
Corona can occur
I know it’s hard to fathom
how this special mound of sand
can harbor deadly virus but you
better understand

Just because the ocean
sparkles in the sun
Or your memory’s full of fondness
from years of summer fun
We’re really not that different than
the places you call home
Our community is fragile
if Corona starts to roam

So if you come to visit
well welcome on aboard
Just quarantine for two short weeks
on your honest own accord

You’ll need someone to bring you
provisions for your stay
Arm yourselves with novels
jigsaw puzzles, games to play

It’s awful darn important
you abide by these hard rules
Most everything is shut down
and the kids are out of school
If local folks go off to shop
or check up with the doc
They gotta lock themselves away
when back upon the Rock

If you return by ferry
by plane or swim ashore
You go right home and hole up
two weeks behind closed doors
Corona is a sleeper that doesn’t
rest at all
Just when it seems like normal
this virus comes to call

Let’s do our part to stop it
dead within its tracks
Let all the grief it carries
pack up and not come back
So if you come from Mandalay
New York or Jersey too
Carolina, Monterey or maybe
The Bronx Zoo

Wear your mask, keep apart
Wash your hands all day
Teach your children to do their part
Corona does not play