The 61st annual West Tisbury Library book sale has been canceled.

The board of directors of the Friends voted (via Zoom) on Saturday that it would not be safe to hold the book sale this summer.

The board is collecting suggestions for other ways to distribute the thousands of books that have been donated. Selling to dealers and on the internet, book giveaways and/or providing free books in some type of safe forum, or perhaps some mini-sales later in in the year are all under consideration.

The sheds at the West Tisbury School are still available for donations, but donations larger than a couple of grocery bags should be prearranged by calling the library at 508-693-3366.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

• Clean, intact copies, no mold, mildew, missing covers or water stains.

• Travel books no more than three years old.

• CDs and DVDs, but no VHS or cassette tapes.

• No textbooks, bibles, magazines, phone books.

• No picture frames, knicknacks or electronic items.