Aquinnah beaches will be open this summer, but parking will be strictly limited, and town leaders are considering adopting additional rules to keep people distanced.

At their meeting Wednesday morning, Aquinnah selectmen debated the details for parking and public use at Moshup Beach and Philbin (which is restricted to resident sticker holders in summer).

The pristine Atlantic-facing beaches are popular draws for visitors and residents from June through September.

After lengthy discussion, selectmen agreed to limit cars at the Moshup Beach trailhead to 40, and raise the daily parking fee from $20 to $30. Until now the practice at the parking lot has been to give partial refunds to people who stay at the beach for less than two hours.

That practice will be suspended this summer with a flat daily fee instead, and only credit cards will be used for payment. An attendant will be on duty at the lot beginning June 15, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Selectman Gary Haley opposed raising the parking fee t0 $30, arguing for a $25 fee.

“People aren’t going to come. They’re going to choose a different place to go to the beach,” he said. “The number of people coming here this summer is going to be way down. Probably 50 per cent of the people who came last year will come this year and you’ll have even less at the parking lot if you impose this fee.”

The parking lot generated $175,000 in revenue last year, a significant sum for the tiny town, town administrator Jeffrey Madison said.

Mr. Madison had proposed daily parking passes that would be sold at the town hall instead of on-site, eliminating the parking lot attendant and imposing ticket fines for violators.

“I thought about just closing the lot. The reason why I put the plan together the way I did is because it’s the only significant revenue-producing element that the town has,” Mr. Madison told the selectmen.

But all three selectmen and police chief Randhi Belain opposed eliminating the attendant. Selectman Jim Newman said an attendant will be essential to ensure socially distant parking.

Board chairman Juli Vanderhoop agreed. “People will just pull in and overrun the lot,” she said.

“If you have an attendant up at the lot, it’s foolproof. Nobody is going to get in unless they pay,” Mr. Haley said.

Chief Belain echoed the sentiment. “You’ve got to have somebody there,” he said.

The town beach at Philbin was another topic for discussion.

Philbin is restricted in the summer to Aquinnah residents and renters staying in Aquinnah homes. Although they took no action, selectmen discussed the possibility of restricting beach passes to homeowners this summer.

“Philbin Beach, in my opinion, should be reserved for town residents who own homes here. Not for short-term rentals. Any renter would be sent to the public lot,” Ms. Vanderhoop said.

Selectmen put off any decision until Governor Baker issues more detailed guidelines for reopening businesses, beaches and parks around the commonwealth on Monday.

In other business, selectmen agreed to hold the annual town meeting in the parking lot in front of the fire station adjacent to the town hall. The meeting will begin at noon on June 23.

Selectmen asked the town board of health to draft a townwide order requiring face coverings in public places.

They also asked Jay Smalley, town public works director, to complete repairs on the public restrooms at the Circle. When the facility opens, it will be cleaned two to three times daily, with deep clean every two weeks.