The weather is finally warming up. Unfortunately, the pollen is very high and there are a lot of itchy eyes and sneezing. But the pollen will soon be gone and it will be worth it with the sun shining and everything so green.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Neyla Abreu and Luiza DeOliveria who celebrated their day June 7; Allie Branca, James Gould-Lamont and Lejaun Webb, June 8; and to Rose Levesque who celebrated her day June 10.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020. There was a parade this past Sunday with all the Island Police cars, EMS, Firetrucks, Sheriff Department and lots of people. I was working but I heard all the sirens and thought how special this was for these kids who worked so hard to get to this day. They will have a drive-in graduation on July 26 in West Tisbury at the Agricultural Hall.

Gardens are the best commodity right now. Everyone has a vegetable garden going and lots of flowers. I was planting my squash plants and I put the tag next to the plant just to remind me it was summer squash. I had a flash back of the year I was working at the bank. I knew some flowers but not all of them. Ralph was working with Jeff Chapman who is a gardener. I had left the tags by some of the flowers and when I came home from work one afternoon and went out to water the plants I noticed that all the tags were gone. Ralph told me that Jeff had come by and took them all out. He said it was tacky to keep the tags on. It took me a while to forgive him because I could not remember what I had planted. I giggle now because I still do it and I work with plants I guess it is just a habit. Sorry Jeff.

Everything is different these days and even TV has had to adjust to life. There are no new shows as no one is filming. But on Sunday night, as I tuned in to channel 4, I was surprised to see Grease broadcast as a sing-a-long. It was fun to see how I was singing a lot of wrong words all this time. I think my way sounds better but who am I to say.

It has been nice to have my neighbor Dana Vickey here. She arrived two weeks ago and we have been talking over the fence and doing the social distancing. It is nice to see lights and activity in the house and she has so much energy that it makes me more active. When she is working on her house, it makes me want to make my yard look just as nice.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.