The time has come for the Black Lives Matter “Don’t Kill Me” campaign to move in a new direction with a new sign. Thanks to the tenacity and the dedication of the marchers and demonstrators, the message and pictures of the horrible effects of racism was received by even the most racist and brain-dead members of American society. The fact that the media picked up the campaign made it all the more powerful as it was broadcast daily as news.

However, as yet, I do not believe that racism can be legislated out of existence or through shaming. What can be done is to legislate away as many of the factors that make the consequences of racism so harmful, e.g., police tactics, choke holds, etc., Require body cameras when on duty as well as defining physical attacks on police officers as a hate crime with strict enforcement and more strict penalties. The more severe negative effects of racial institutionalization such as income inequality, current housing, education and prison reform can also be lessened through advocacy to alter current practices. It wold be a shame to allow this opportunity to slip through our fingers.

We need to move forward toward educating ourselves and using our resources to educate our country.

Remembering the adage actions speak louder than words, let’s turn our attention toward what is truly important.

Abe Seiman

Oak Bluffs