If you are trying to catch up with Florida you are doing a good job. You have opened bars with no limits being enforced and are not enforcing mask wearing. I live in Sarasota Florida and Vineyard Haven and what my children saw in Oak Bluffs recently is what I was trying to get away from. People in bars on top of each other with no masks. People at Nancy’s sharing tables with people they don’t know and people walking around with no masks on the crowded sidewalks.

If you don’t stop the day-trippers or enforce the mask and distancing rules, you will be Florida in two weeks. Our local hospital can not handle the load you are going to put on it and the ambulances will be running day and night to Mass General.

When I arrive on the Island you are going to tell me to quarantine for two weeks while we have been more than careful since March 8. It is your responsibility to protect the people of Martha’s Vineyard and you are doing a very poor job of it. By the time we get there, I am going to think I may have been better off staying in Florida.

Act now or join the other states that have wasted the entire shutdown and all the economic pain with their careless reopening.

Henry Mason

Sarasota and Vineyard Haven