I don’t know about other towns on the Vineyard but Edgartown has been hot and gray. I say this because I would talk to my mother in Vineyard Haven and say how the weather is so gray and she would respond that it was sunny and beautiful there. But people have been enjoying it as it would have been so hot if the sun was shining.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Dominick Assis and Rebecca De Oliveira, who celebrated their day July 11; Blanka De Assis and Malek Perry, July 13; and to Natalia BenDavid, Jacob Branca and Katelyn Tankersley who all celebrated July 14.

The hydrangeas around town are so beautiful. The bushes are full of blossoms whether you have blue, pink or white. Every day people come in asking about them. I love the people that come in and ask for hydrangea seeds.

J.B. Blau, of Sharky’s fame, is taking over at the Homeport in Menemsha. He is hoping to bring back the old menus to fill the restaurant again. 

Seeing this brought me back in time. My dad, Jim, just loved the ride to Menemsha, and sitting on the dock or just squidding with the guys. Every time he said let’s go for a ride, my mother and I always knew we were going to end up in Menemsha. 

So, it was only appropriate that for his birthday in August, we ended up at the Homeport for his birthday dinner. This was when Chet Cummings owned and operated it. There was always a line out the door and a good wait because everyone wanted a window seat so you could look at the water.  

Of course the food was awesome. My favorite was the twin lobsters, with baked potato and salad. My mom the same but my dad would venture with a steak or the fish of the day. Then there was the pecan pie for dessert. 

This also was the place where many Island high school kids worked and earned a lot of money for school. Good luck J.B. and we look forward to what you can do with an iconic restaurant.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.