The Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation's July 20th Photography Project invites anyone walking one of the foundation properties on Monday to snap and share a photo.

"SMF is interested in capturing a day in the life of their properties, in order to create a visual record of fleeting moments that are worth savoring, like the sunshine filtering through a tree or a happy hiker, during this strange summer," the foundation announced in a press release. "Anyone walking a Sheriff’s Meadow property on Monday, July 20, is invited to submit a photograph of something that catches your eye, something that you stopped to marvel at."

The photographs received will be compiled into a photo gallery that will be posted on the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation website and shown at the organization’s virtual summer benefit July 20.

There are 22 Sheriff’s Meadow properties open to the public across the Island. Social distancing and leashes for dogs are required at all Sheriff’s Meadow Properties. For more information and a link to submit photographs: