Here’s a bridge quiz for you.
Last week we covered whether or not to compete over opponents at the five level.
In a spirited auction your opponents have made a bid in five of a suit. Should you compete at the five level?
I call it “grandslamitis.” It means the inability of many players to contract for 13 tricks despite overwhelming strength in the partnership.
Because of the pandemic, there’s currently little club play that I know of, at least not in person.
The Mansion House Hotel in Vineyard Haven has reopened its health club with new Covid-19 protocols.
Here are some decisions that arose from casual and Internet play.
Here’s an object lesson on the merits of pre-empting aggressively and fighting through pre-empts. South was dealing, with no one vulnerable:
Here’s a bidding guide for deciding whether to double an opponent’s contract. It’s called the Rule of Nine. It works as follows. Start with the...
Don’t help your opponents. That’s simple enough in concept but more complex in action. • Don’t take a finesse for your opponents. Here you have the...
The YMCA of Martha's Vineyard will reopen its doors to members Sept. 9, according to an announcement.
Have you heard about the Rule of One? I hadn’t either, until my playing partner Paul Laliberte showed me.