Summer reservations in Oak Bluffs and Edgartown harbors have exploded to record levels. Online reservations opened Feb. 1 in Oak Bluffs and March 1...
This is my last bridge column of the season. Have a great winter and play plenty of bridge!
When opponents give you some information unwisely, make the most of it.
Is there any way to rescue yourself after making a terrible bid?
I blew the chance to bid a slam on the following OK Bridge Internet board.
Q. 1 —Sitting South and dealing, with no one vulnerable, you hold:
What’s wrong with this auction from an OK Bridge board? South was dealing with no one vulnerable:
The Martha’s Vineyard Coast Guard Auxiliary will host a safe boating class this month tailored to boaters navigating Vineyard waters.
Bridge opens worlds. Literally.
Here’s a quiz about what I call specialty bids, drawn from Internet play.
Driving home last week’s issue of bidding carefully to a minor-suit contract, I give you this OK Bridge hand.
Let’s face it: the least desirable game contract is five of a minor.