Of all the common opening bids in bridge, none is more popular than 1NT.
With handshakes and a few selfies, Gov. Charlie Baker joined Tisbury selectmen for the formal opening of the Lake Street landing.
“Big hands go slow.” — Standard bridge advice.
You undoubtedly recognize the bridge terms opener, overcaller and responder. Less known is overcaller’s partner, advancer.
You can open or overcall a weak two-bid with a five-card suit.
The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow once was a shipbuilding and marine engineering center on the River Clyde.
Could Scottish bridge compete with the country’s people and places? It was a tall order.
Shotgun hunting season began Monday, and the weigh station was busy this week with hunters, biologists collecting ticks, and a new deer donation...
Negative doubles occur when partner opens bidding, your right-hand opponent overcalls, and you have some strength but no other way to bid it.
A veteran of more than 50 years competition, Dan Cabot has written a useful pamphlet called Duplicate Bridge for Beginners.
Bridge players are constantly urged to count losing tricks in a suit contract.
Robert S. Todd teaches bridge, gives playing lessons, runs duplicate play on cruises, you name it. Oh, and he’s also an expert player.