Vineyard Haven’s Jiri Luncar won the runner-up trophy in the finals match with winner Robert Duperron of New Hampshire at the MIT table tennis open...
The Martha’s Vineyard Rod & Gun Club’s 14th annual Black Powder Championship will be held this Sunday, Dec. 13, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Brian Cioffi of Chilmark took first place in the Rod and Gun Club’s Top Gun fall championship honors. Participants in the Nov. 30 competition shot in...
Is it ever right to bid game or slam in NoTrump when you might have a 4-4 fit in a major suit?
Is there any way to bid game in a major suit or NoTrump without the 25 points we constantly hear are necessary?
Ann Brown arrived on the Vineyard this summer following an off-season of bridge lessons from Claire J. Tornay of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Eric Stricoff and Rhonda Cohen showed why they’re partners in cards as well as life at the Bridge Club of Martha’s Vineyard on July 23.
Q. 1—Sitting South and dealing, with no one vulnerable, you hold:♠ A 10♥ K Q 2♦ Q 5 4 2♣ Q 9 8 7The bidding has proceeded as follows:South   West  ...
It's a sign of the times that some of today's best bridge writing is on the Internet.