Noble, an elder gentleman horse now at Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center, always seems to find his way home.
Eric Stricoff used inspired deductive reasoning to tie for a top board on August 23 at the Island Bridge Club.
Two interesting bidding decisions arose at the American Bridge Association game August 18 at the Tisbury Council on Aging.
I was sitting East on board four at the Edgartown Bridge Club on July 30, when the skies opened and enlightenment flooded the bridge world.
We’re moving into the late stages of my editor Paul Laliberte’s auctions that begin with 1NT and don’t end there.
Of all the common opening bids in bridge, none is more popular than 1NT.
With handshakes and a few selfies, Gov. Charlie Baker joined Tisbury selectmen for the formal opening of the Lake Street landing.
“Big hands go slow.” — Standard bridge advice.
You undoubtedly recognize the bridge terms opener, overcaller and responder. Less known is overcaller’s partner, advancer.
You can open or overcall a weak two-bid with a five-card suit.
The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow once was a shipbuilding and marine engineering center on the River Clyde.
Could Scottish bridge compete with the country’s people and places? It was a tall order.