A divided VTA board decided Wednesday after more than two hours of heated public testimony to send their subcontracted hiring company, TCI, back to the negotiating table.
5:26 pm, July 18, 2019
In the latest volley between the town and tribe over the future bingo hall in Aquinnah, tribal leaders agreed this week to halt work on the site until legal issues can be resolved.
5:07 pm, July 18, 2019
Tougher enforcement of immigration laws nationwide is being felt among members of the significant immigrant population on Martha’s Vineyard.
4:51 pm, July 18, 2019
After a dry summer for boaters on the Edgartown harbor, at least when it comes to fuel, gas is expected to be available for sale by this weekend, town officials said.
2:41 pm, July 18, 2019
At the Portuguese American Club, where the Marotta Brothers Band is set to perform every Wednesday this summer, the main hall’s capacity is 300 patrons.
12:03 pm, July 18, 2019
If there’s one benefit of passing 75, it’s the right to keep your shoes on going through airport security.
11:32 am, July 18, 2019
Walking on the beach at Chappaquiddick in June a few days after my 50th college reunion, I suddenly saw the humor in all my life’s struggles.
11:20 am, July 18, 2019
I knew I was in trouble the moment he walked through the door.
11:10 am, July 18, 2019
I had the honor of marching with the peace council during this year's Edgartown Fourth of July Parade.
11:02 am, July 18, 2019