The perennial mild griping about the Steamship Authority among seasonal and full-time Islanders has taken on a new, sharper tone in recent months.
8:01 am, January 24, 2020
Amid a growing crisis of confidence among Islanders and summer travelers, the Steamship Authority this week saw a website crash and the announcement that Marc Hanover is stepping down.
6:34 pm, January 23, 2020
For much of the past decade, the Oak Bluffs ambulance reserve fund has held hundreds of thousands of dollars for the town, allowing it to purchase and equip fire and EMS.
6:22 pm, January 23, 2020
New findings on decades-old ecological theories about land management on the Vineyard could potentially reframe the context of modern conservation practices.
5:40 pm, January 23, 2020
On the centennial of the historic suffrage movement granting women the right to vote, the League of Women Voters of Martha’s Vineyard is launching a year-long campaign that aims to register every eligible person on the Island to vote.
2:47 pm, January 23, 2020
News of the week is that the feral kittens have gone to their new home at the Vineyard Golf Club, but Mona, the other feral kitten, is still available.
2:45 pm, January 23, 2020
Early voting for the March 3 presidential primary begins Feb. 24 on Island and continues through Feb. 28 at the following sites:
2:40 pm, January 23, 2020
MVYouth awarded expansion grants of $200,000 to the YMCA and $75,000 to Vineyard Family Tennis, announcing simultaneously a comprehensive study of the needs of Island youth and youth services.
2:29 pm, January 23, 2020
When I was a kid, the Chappy ferry ramps were made of a dozen thick wooden planks bolted to a couple of cross pieces that formed the shape of a bold letter H.
12:18 pm, January 23, 2020