From the April 8, 1927 edition of the Gazette:
2:13 pm, April 2, 2020
My faith in humanity is buoyed by you smart Vineyarders.Your reaction to sheltering in place? Gardening.
2:09 pm, April 2, 2020
My turkeys are puffing up and preparing for mating season.
2:07 pm, April 2, 2020
We had warmth and sun and now we are in the cold mode again. But this weekend the sun is supposed to be out which will make us all happy and hopefully in the garden.
2:06 pm, April 2, 2020
Spring, unaware that the world has stopped, continues to march persistently onward.
2:05 pm, April 2, 2020
Neighbors for Neighbors was once an idea but now is a reality.
2:04 pm, April 2, 2020
Despite the weather over the past week, pinkletinks are in full chorus along Lighthouse Road while the osprey have arrived at Lobsterville.
1:57 pm, April 2, 2020
Massachusetts Environmental Police are investigating after the remnants of a vessel washed ashore this week that was believed to have broken loose from a mooring in Hyannis harbor.
1:50 pm, April 2, 2020
Kelly Leonard and Tim Mercier, of Vineyard Haven, announce the birth of their daughter, Eve Lena Leonard-Mercier.
1:44 pm, April 2, 2020