The Island Food Pantry expresses great thanks to all the seasonal residents and businesses who have donated season-end food over the past month.
4:40 pm, October 18, 2018
By ELAINE CAWLEY WEINTRAUB Twenty years ago, the African American Heritage Trail History Project was born. Its mission was to research and disseminate the story of people of color on Martha’s Vineyard and to celebrate those stories by placing a series of engraved bronze plaques throughout the Island. In the early days, the goal was to have four sites that would be visible to all, and perhaps some day more could be added. There are now 30 sites and more to come.
4:38 pm, October 18, 2018
With fall half gone, or winter halfway alongside, take your pick, it looks as if the luck of the lobster fleet is just catching up.
4:34 pm, October 18, 2018
The Farm Neck Foundation is seeking applicants for the foundation’s 2018 grants.
4:13 pm, October 18, 2018
Red Stocking applications are now available at several locations.
4:11 pm, October 18, 2018
The following cases were heard in Edgartown district court.
4:06 pm, October 18, 2018
Last week was another great week for adoptions.
4:03 pm, October 18, 2018
Tyler Patton Kendrick and Christina Marie Madaras of Los Angeles, Calif. will be married on Saturday Oct. 5, 2019 on Martha’s Vineyard.
4:02 pm, October 18, 2018
Kara Johnson and Ryan Leandro of Edgartown were married on June 23 in Katama.
3:57 pm, October 18, 2018